History of MSSIA’S
In New Jersey

The Making of A World-Class Solar Market

1998-1999 The EDECA law: The NJ solar industry is born
MSSIA advocates for, and helps design language for, renewable energy funding and the Renewable Portfolio Standard in the EDECA (electric restructuring) law.

1999-2000 The solar energy rebate program begins
MSSIA proposes detailed blueprint for PV rebate program, advocates for its adoption. Pilot program begins in 2000.

2000 Net Metering and Interconnect regulations – a model for other states
MSSIA advocates for favorable net metering and interconnection regulations, successfully creating regulations that have been used as a model for other states.

2000-2002 Statewide funding & rebate program begin
MSSIA fights for BPU control of the PV program, and succeeds – the statewide rebate program begins.

2003  The nation’s first solar carve-out in a Renewable Portfolio Standard
As a member of the Governor’s Renewable Energy Task Force, MSSIA fights for a solar carve-out in the RPS regulation. The effort is successful, and the solar power market jumps to the next level.

2007 The PSE&G loan program
Responding to the shortcomings of the SREC market, MSSIA’s leaders initiate a proposal to PSEG to create a long-term instrument for SRECs.  Meetings with PSEG CEO lead to formation of a working group, resulting in the PSEG Loan program. MSSA works through stakeholder process to get approval for the program.

2008 The Solar RPS in legislation – The Solar Advancement and Fair Competition Act
MSSIA’s leaders initiate a legislative campaign and draft proposed language for the Solar Advancement and Fair Competition Act.  This act codifies large-scale requirements for PV in the RPS for the first time.  A yearly schedule through 2026 is included, taking the solar market to the next level.

2008 Long-term SREC contract programs
Years of advocacy for long-term SREC contracts by MSSIA, along with other organizations, results in the JCP&L, ACE, and RECO long-term contract solicitation programs.

2012 Preventing collapse in the SREC market
With the SREC market in New Jersey declining precipitously, MSSIA campaigns along with others for over a year for legislation to stabilize the market. In early 2012, with the market on the brink of a collapse, proposed legislation is crafted, with legislative leaders planning a 3-year acceleration of the solar RPS. MSSIA produces data and analysis that proves conclusively that 3 years will not be enough to prevent a collapse. MSSIA brings several organizations together behind a proposed schedule featuring a 4-1/2 year acceleration, and gains legislative acceptance for it. MSSIA’s recommended schedule is adopted in the Solar Act of 2012, and the SREC market is successfully stabilized.

The Future – The (Proposed)
Renewable Energy Transition Act

MSSIA leads the formation of a large, very broad coalition – NJ FREE – to push for an overall transition to renewable energy in New Jersey. Proposed legislation, already gaining support, would require 80% Renewable Electricity by 2050, along with other supporting measures for high-penetration renewables.

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