The Pennsylvania Division of MSSIA

PASEIA is an organization of manufacturers, developers, contractors, installers, architects, engineers, consultants and other industry professionals dedicated to advancing the interests of solar energy and to developing a strong local PA industry offering high quality installation and professional services to business and residential customers in the region we serve.

MSSIA is the regional chapter for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware as an associate chapter or ASES and was organized in 1997.

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PASEIA Executive Committee:
Ron Celentano, President (VP for PA, MSSIA Executive Committee)

Saving Solar in Pennsylvania Campaign

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Raising the Bar for PASEIA Members

The PASEIA Professional Standards Committee had discussed the importance of association members voluntary adopting professional, technical and ethical standards. The following final draft Code of Ethics was released by the committee in August 2011 and is a work in progress. PASEIA hopes to formally put such a code in place later in 2012. Code of Ethics

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1200 Florence Columbus Rd.
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1200 Florence Columbus Rd.
Suite 208
Bordentown, NJ 08505