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Standing MSSIA Policy Committee call 4th Thurs. 4:30pm

Standing office hour monthly 2nd Tues at noon.

Standing office hour on 1st and 3rd Thursday at noon on financing commercial, nonprofit, and residential solar.

Standing NJPACE Hour on 4th Tuesday at noon.

Ron Celentano for PA is “by appointment”

contact coordinator@mssia.org for details

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MSSIA is a Proud Associate Chapter of ASES

Solar Energy Solutions

The Solar Energy Trade and Advocacy Organization for New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Delaware

MSSIA is dedicated to advancing solar energy and energy storage as the primary energy sources in the Mid-Atlantic region, to create a sustainable energy future for all segments of the population while generating economic growth and high-quality jobs.

MSSIA accomplishes it’s mission by researching, designing and advocating for policies to grow solar energy to be a major part of our future energy supply; to educate the public and policy-makers on the facts of solar energy and to remove barriers that hinder solar development; to promote local solar R&D and solar manufacturing; to assist in designing policies and infrastructure that supports solar on the local, state, and regional level; to develop solar electric and thermal energy as a significant portion of the energy supply mix; to work in tandem with municipalities and local government to utilize and support rapid adoption of solar energy; and to provide real-time data and real world evidence that demonstrates the value of solar energy to the regional electric grid and its role in combating climate change.


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1200 Florence Columbus Rd.
Suite 208
Bordentown, NJ 08505




1200 Florence Columbus Rd.
Suite 208
Bordentown, NJ 08505