What is a solar renewable energy credit (SREC)?

Most states require or will soon require electricity suppliers to provide a percentage of their electricity sales from solar generation as well as other renewable forms of energy through Renewable Portfolio Standards. This means that utilities have to construct their own renewable energy plants to provide sustainable electricity, or they will purchase these credits [...]

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How long will it take for the system to pay for itself?

A properly designed and installed solar thermal system can pay for itself in as little as 5 years. A properly designed and installed solar PV system can typically pay for itself in as little as 5 years or as long as 12 years depending on the value of electricity and the value of Solar [...]

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How will I know if I qualify for the incentives and rebates?

Your contractor should take care of all the site analysis and paperwork for the state grant programs and we will get approval from the state before starting any work. Most installers will also provide all the information and forms for your accountant to proceed with the federal tax credit.

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What rebates or other incentives apply to me?

A federal tax credit of 30% with no limit cap applies to all consumers and businesses. Pennsylvania has a rebate plan called the PA Sunshine Program that gives a per installed watt cash rebate – as more solar is installed Typically these two incentive programs will offset approximately 50% of the installed cost. NJ [...]

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Will I still have electricity if the power goes out?

With grid-tied PV systems if a storm or accident breaks an overhead electrical wire then your solar system will not send power into the electrical system and endanger people. Photovoltaic solar systems will only keep producing power during a power failure if you have batteries attached to the system.

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